Annual Report 2013

Innovations for New Technologies

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES’ goal is the technologic leadership in the segments Optical Disc, Solar and Semiconductor as well as the use of synergies to open new work areas in the future. In this process SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES focuses on solutions that are not only economical, but also sustainable and resource-efficient.

In the Optical Disc segment SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES continues to expand its market leadership and today is already able to offer machines, which enable the production of triple-layer Blu-ray Discs with a storage volume of about 100 GB in total.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES positions itself as a supplier for new production solutions for crystalline and thin-film solar cells, which with lower production costs increase the level of efficiency or achieve a higher level of efficiency. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES establishes itself in this market as a development partner and machine supplier for technologies enabling a sustainable and chosen energy provision on the basis of renewable energies.

In the Semiconductor segment SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES focuses its activities on the vacuum coating of wafers with ultra thin layers for the manufacturing of MRAM memory, thin-film write/read heads, sensors and other semiconductor applications.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is continuously expanding its technologic know-how in the areas vacuum coating, automation, process technology as well as the integration of production steps in order to open further, attractive work areas. In this context, internal growth from the development of proprietary solutions as well as acquisition opportunities for the generation of external growth are analyzed with respect to their feasible implementation.