Annual Report 2018

Research, development, and design

In fiscal year 2018, the focus of new and further development of processing systems was on the solar and semiconductor segments and in the new medical technology field of activity.

In manufacturing CIGS thin-film modules, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES works with its customers to optimize the processes in order to be able to meet the ever growing demands within the solar industry for productivity at low operating costs. In the field of crystalline high-efficiency cells, GENERIS PVD and PECVD were further developed for various process steps in the production of HJT solar cells to achieve high reproducibility of the layer at high productivity and low operating costs. Both of these systems are designed especially for extremely thin substrates such as the wafers for HJT solar cells.

In the field of medical technology, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES concentrated on the new wet-chemical system MEDLINE for manufacturing contact lenses. The first machinery of this model was commissioned at our customer in early 2019.

In the semiconductor technology, additional processes had been developed to broaden the market for the TIMARIS and ROTARIS system platforms.

The capitalization rate stood at 26.9 % in fiscal year 2018 (previous year: 19.8 %). Amortization of capitalized development costs amounted to EUR 1.0 million (previous year: EUR 0.9 million). The Group's non-capitalizable development costs amounted to EUR 9.8 million in 2018 (previous year: EUR 6.9 million).

At SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES, the Research, Development, and Design department employed an average of 82 people in fiscal year 2018 (previous year: 73 employees).